Being under the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration, the Political Science and Public Administration Department has been giving undergraduate level education since the academic year 2009-2010. The Political Science and Public Administration Department has both formal and secondary education, and the language of education is Turkish. 3 associate professors, 4 assistant professors and 4 research assistants are working under the department. 

The main aim of the department is to give qualification in the sub-disciplines of Political Science and Public Administration, including Politics and Social Sciences, Urbanization and Environmental Issues, Administrative Sciences and Law Sciences. Therefore, the students are possessed with the necessary qualification for the professional life after their graduation. And the students have the chance to benefit from the Erasmus and Farabi programs which give them the opportunity to take education abroad and from different universities inside the country. 


The graduates of the department could work as public employee for numerous units of the central and local administration, and also work in banks and many different areas of the private sector. Apart from these, the department graduates could have academic career in social sciences as well.