1. As Department of Economics our mission is to provide economic education which includes theoretical and contemporary issues that contributes our students to comprehend the cases in the World and Turkish economy. In addition raising individuals who can think analytical, correlate cause effect relationship between cases, conceptualise economic problems and have strong social and mathematical aspects is our mission as well.

2. As Department of Economics our vision is to raise professionals who are sophisticated with universal values, sensitive to society and social issues, shape the future by evaluating past events, aspire to community development and study human, science and education oriented, attach importance to international cooperation and publishing, follow the theoretical and contemporary developments.

3. Level of Qualification: The students who successfully complete the program are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

4. Access to Further Studies: The students graduating from this program may apply to graduate programs.

5. Graduation Requirements: To succeed in all of the courses listed in the curriculum of the program by getting the grade of at least CC with a minimum of 240 ECTS.

6. Occupational Profiles: Graduates may work in private sector especially in banks, in fields like finance, industry, foreign commerce, administration, accounting, marketing, insurance, human resources. They also have the opportunity to work in Under secretariat of Treasury, Under secretariat of the prime ministry for foreign trade, central bank, government statistics Institution, Turkish Competition Authority, Capital Markets Board of Turkey and international institutions.