The Department of Business Administration, which continues its activities within the Ahi Evran University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, has begun accepting students for the first time in the 2012-2013 academic year. The aim of the Department of Business is to train dynamic and innovative managerial candidates who are able to make effective decisions that are consistent with the changing needs of the private sector and public institutions, have modern thinking structure, are sensitive to society and environment. Department of Business Administration aims to improve the management skills of the contemporary manager of your near future and to increase the accumulation success of the main task. Students who will graduate from the program will find their place in business life as an entrepreneur, manager and innovative employee.

For this purpose, the students of business administration department are introduced to basic business concepts in the first year of the four-year undergraduate program and the infrastructure of the courses they will take in the following years. In addition, the ability to use foreign languages and computer technology is being developed.

In the second year, business management which is in the contemporary world is presented, features of functionalities and qualitative decision making techniques are developed.

In the third year, with the participation of elective courses, emphasis is given to areas such as marketing, finance, accounting, management, human resources, production management, and the integrity of business management is revealed and management, research, analysis and managerial skills are developed through the lessons of our students.

In the fourth year, information on current approaches in management and business administration is given and a comprehensive view on ethics is developed. In addition, in order to train graduates who have mastered the research methods and techniques, each student is preparing a thesis that they are interested in.


Graduates of our department have the opportunity to find employment in any organization, whether public or private, due to the framework of their educational program. In addition to their post-graduate academic career, supervisor, specialist, banking, auditor, financial consultant, financial consultant, marketing manager, customer relationship department manager, sales representative, production planning, human resources expertise, etc. can be shown among some positions where graduates of our department are employed.