The department of International Relations of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science of Ahi Evran University trains specialists in the field of International Relations.  The graduates from the undergraduate program of International Relations are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Arts from the Department of International Relations. The department established in 2009 and has been trained from this year. The evening education has also active since 2010 as well. The department is composed of 1 Associate Professor, 5 Assistant Professors and 5 Research Assistants. Besides, the department that is also an integral part of the Institute of Social Science offers the International Relations Master Program. The departmental courses provide students competence in the history of international relations, mechanism of international relations, and legal framework of international system, government relations, economic structure of the system and Turkey’s position within this system and its foreign affairs. Apart from the basic courses, international organizations, the importance of super powers in the system and deeply evaluating various regions in the international system are taken part in syllabus.   The first two years of the program offers common courses within the other departments, and third and fourth years are composed mostly of the departmental courses. Graduates work as international specialists in the public sector, particularly, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, Finance Ministry, National Security Organization, and several duties of an undersecretaries. Moreover, graduates are also employed in the private sector. Such as, media, the finance sector and international organizations.