Social workers help and support the most vulnerable members of the society to overcome the challenges they face. In this context, the social worker consciously tries to improve the functioning of the individual, the family and the society in which the deprivation and problems are experienced. Given this, the department train students the most recent scientific approaches to tackle these issues, thus the students benefit from high quality teaching that emphasises the knowledge, skills and values of social work. 

In order to graduate from the program, it is necessary to take the taught modules as well as the internships. The students are expected to complete 152 credits in total with a compulsory graduation thesis in Social Work. During the internships in various social service institutions, students find opportunity to gain first-hand experience and employ skills they are taught under the supervision of the lecturer.  

Employment Areas of Graduates

The Social Work Department implements an educational program to train professionals who can integrate social services methods and techniques to provide services at national and international level. The trained individuals work as social workers in rural and urban areas, public, private sector and non-governmental organizations as planner, skilled worker or as managers.