With the late 1980s, conjunctural shifts in international politics have provided a new type of ground enhanced by the dissolution of USSR, in which borders between nation states have become fluid. This era known as “globalization” provides a broader understanding of international politics which requires a multi-disciplinary vision in political science. Therefore, today it’s impossible to separate International Relations from Economics, or Political Science from Sociology; disciplines have been entwined with one another. Therefore, it is a must to handle Social Science with a broader understanding. As the organizers, it is an honour for us to welcome you to the very 1st International Congress on “People, Power, Politics”. As a multi-disciplinary academic event, the main themes of the Congress are determined as “Soft Power, Global Economy, Political Sociology, and Globalization”. In addition to the aforementioned subjects, International Relations, Political Science, Economics, Business Management, Sociology, Human Rights, Diaspora and Migration studies, Literature, Philosophy, Communication, Law, Social Policy and other sub-fields of Social Sciences are also welcomed. The aim of this gathering is to make a contribution to the society and academia, in the light of the themes covered by the Congress. Researchers and specialists are welcome to contribute to the aforementioned fields of Social Sciences. Abstracts outside the main subjects will also undergo an evaluation and will be included in the Congress upon the approval of the Organizing Committee. Papers will be accepted only in Turkish and English languages. Papers not presented in the Congress will not be published.